iBattle is a board game played by the rules of well known all over the world strategy game.
You may be surprised, but it dates back to 1908 when the first version of the game was created.

Regular championships are held all over the world and now you have a chance to join this constantly growing community.

A game is played on 10x10 squares board, each player has 40 pieces (units) of 12 different types.

In general, the game is simple

  1. Line up your troops using your custom formation or one of the numerous preset formations.
  2. Follow the rules and win over your enemy by capturing their flag or forcing them to give up.

With this app you will enjoy quality strategy board game on iPod Touch, iPhone (including Retina support) and iPad for one single price tag.
No rip-off for standalone HD version.

Aside from single player mode (3 levels of difficulty), you may enjoy multiplayer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet or Game Center.

Game has more than a dozen leaderboards and lots of achievement, including secret ones.